Letter: ENA NS 71.13

Letter ENA NS 71.13



Mercantile letter in Arabic script. Fragment (lower half). "... he will/should sell it for him in Tyre and send him the value in the ṣalībī together with the fleet (al-usṭūl). He has appointed him to collect the value of his money/property with [...] Abu l-Faḍl Ibn al-Baṣrī: the value of sugar, the value of tamarind, ]...] and gold, a total of 3 dinars... and to also collect all the dirhams owed by Mukhtār and to send them with his merchandise in the fleet... with Yūsuf." More sums of money are mentioned in the margin. (The ṣalībiyya were the ships that sailed westward in September, named after the Coptic Feast of the Cross; see Friedman, Dictionary, 738, and Goitein, Med Soc I, 317, 481–82 note 31.)

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Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2022).


  1. ….يبيعها له في صور

  2. وينفذ له ثمنها في الصليبي/الصليبية صحبة 

  3. الاصطول فقد وكله على قبض 

  4. ثمن ماله عند (؟) ابو الفضل بن البصري

  5. عن ثمن سكر وثمن تمر هندي

  6. ومن… وذهب مبلغه ثلثة دنا[نير]

  7. وهي عن قرض يقبض منه الجميع سوا

  8. ويقبض ايضا جملة الدراهم الذي 

  9. عند مختار وينفذها له مع رجل/رحله؟ 

  10. في الاصطول الم[….] عند يوسف 

Right margins

  1. المقدم ذكره في خالص ماله دينارين وثمن النصف من؟..

  2. بايمن؟ وارض


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