Paraliterary text: L-G Misc. 60

Paraliterary text L-G Misc. 60


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Recto: two alchemical recipes, the first on the use of a water derived from a preparation of tutty (an oxide of zinc), which is left overnight to congeal into a stone; the second deals with a preparation with tartar (potassium tartarate) white sal ammoniac (in transliteration from Arabic here), copper, sulfur, salpeter (nitre, mineral of potassium nitrate), sea salt, and white copper, mentioning the use of a waterproof glass container and another vessel isolated with the clay of the sages (Ar. Ṭīn al-ḥikma, Lat. argilla philosophorum, lutum sapientiae). Verso: instructions for the production of an amulet for a barren woman, with magical characteres and two small Stars of David, and instructions for the production of an amulet for avoiding dangers on the road. All this is written in a late Ashkenazi hand. (Information mainly from CUDL.)

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