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Legal document T-S 6J8.6


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Three leaves, all of which belong together. One side of each fragment contains an elaborate trousseau list, with values given in both Hebrew numerals and Greek/Coptic numerals. (It is not immediately clear if all this is for the same marriage vs. distinct marriages.) The versos contain different documents. Verso of fol. 1 contains notes for the drawing up of.a marriage document between the groom [...] b. Yefet ha-Levi and the bride Sitt al-[...]. A note at 90 degrees reads, "The wedding of the son of the Rayyis, Monday 10 Nisan 145[6?]." If the date is read correctly, that is 1145 CE. Verso of fol. 2 contains the beginning of a draft of a ketubba drawn up under the authority of the Nagid Shemuel. b. Ḥananya. There are also some large, ornate red letters and a few words in Arabic script. Verso of fol. 3 contains more of the draft of an ornate ketubba header as well as part of a legal document (perhaps the ketubba itself). The scribe is probably well-known from other legal documents of this period. (Information in part from CUDL.)

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