Letter: MIAC 245

Letter MIAC 245



Letter from Herzl to Doctor M.I. Bodenheimer about their negotiations with von Richthofen – 1899CE – Museum of Islamic Art – (number 245) – in German. (information from Ḥassanein Muḥammad Rabīʿa, ed., Dalīl Wathā'iq al-Janīza al-Jadīda / Catalogue of the Documents of the New Geniza, 62). The full names of those mentioned in the catalogue description are most likely: Theodor Herzl, Max Isidor Bodenheimer, and Freiherr von Richthofen. Although it is unclear from the MIAC description whether this was a printed or handwritten letter, it is crucial to note that Theodor Herzl visited Cairo in 1903 and thus the letter may have been a draft or copy once held in Herzl's possession. For more information on Herzl's time in Cairo, see: Desmond Stewart, "Herzl's Journeys in Palestine and Egypt," Journal of Palestine Studies 3, no. 3 (1974): 18-38. MCD.