Letter: MIAC 186

Letter MIAC 186


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Letter in Hebrew from a man, Yiṣḥaq _____[illegible], in Jerusalem to Samson, in Derbent, calling for him to immigrate to "Zion and Jerusalem." Dated 24 Av 5666AM, which is 15 August 1906CE. An original scan of the letter and an Arabic translation of it appear in Al-Janiza wa-l-maʿābid al-Yahūdiyya fī Miṣr (pp. 195-199). Ḥasan and Sarrāj's reading of the letter's dating may be incorrect because in the scan the alphanumerical designation is as follows: "ב׳׳ה כ׳׳ד מנא׳׳ תרח׳׳ו - דרבנד קוקז / by [the assistance of God] 24 Men[aḥem] [5]614 - Derbend Caucasus" which would yield an alternative dating of potentially 18 August 1854CE. MCD.