Letter: MIAC 47

Letter MIAC 47



Personal letter sent from Jaffa in which the sender, Yaʿīsh Pineḥas ʿIraqī, notifies his correspondent, Shalōm, of the improvement of his health and then sends salutations to the recipient's siblings – 5 Nisan 1932CE – Bassatine Cemetery – Museum of Islamic Art – (number 47) – in Hebrew. (information from Ḥassanein Muḥammad Rabīʿa, ed., Dalīl Wathā'iq al-Janīza al-Jadīda / Catalogue of the Documents of the New Geniza, 52). A scan of this letter and a translation to Arabic are available in Al-Janiza wa-l-maʿābid al-Yahūdiyya fī Miṣr (pp. 176-179). MCD.