Letter: MIAC 200

Letter MIAC 200



Announcement for the Day of Geniza on which old prayerbooks unfit for repair will be transferred to the cave in the Bassatine and the process will take place at 8:30am from the Ustādh Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter after the "Shaḥarit" [morning] prayer. Dated: Sunday 18 December 1949 CE / 27 Kislev 5710 AM. (information from Ḥassanein Muḥammad Rabīʿa, ed., Dalīl Wathā'iq al-Janīza al-Jadīda / Catalogue of the Documents of the New Geniza, 43). An original scan of this announcement is available in al-Janīza wa-l-maʿābid al-yahūdiyya fī Miṣr (p. 200). MCD.