Letter: MIAC 1

Letter MIAC 1



Appeal from the Jewish communal administration in Cairo to Egyptian Jews calling them to fast for a day in the month (Sivan) in remembrance of the events that occurred to the Jews of Ukraine in the 1648CE, September 15 1921CE – Museum of Islamic Art – in Judeo-Arabic in Rashi script. (information from Ḥassanein Muḥammad Rabīʿa, ed., Dalīl Wathā'iq al-Janīza al-Jadīda / Catalogue of the Documents of the New Geniza, 37). A full scan and an edition of this document is available in: Ḥasan and Sarrāj, Al-Janiza wa-l-maʿābid al-Yahūdiyya fī Miṣr, 147-152. Although the MIAC catalogue refers to the communal authority in general terms, it is crucial to note that in the document itself the institution making this appeal is the Beit Dīn Miṣr/בית דין מצר. MCD.