Letter: Stras. 4038/1–6

Letter Stras. 4038/1–6



Geonic responsum about the calendar controversy of Ben Meir, dated 994–95 CE. It is attributed to Hayye Gaon. Preserved here is the second of two versions of this responsum, referring to the era of Creation, the epoch of the molad and tequfah, and the 19-year cycle. The first version is preserved in a secondary source, Abraham bar Ḥayya’s monograph on the Jewish calendar known as Sefer ha-'Ibbur (3:7), first published by Herschell Filipowski in 1851. Although these two versions share much in common, there are significant textual variations between them, and extensive passages that are unique to only one or the other version. Thus, this passage refers to the controversy of Ben Meir and is preserved only in the Cairo Geniza version. (Information from Sacha Stern, The Jewish Calendar Controversy)