Letter: T-S K25.106

Letter T-S K25.106



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. The hand is reminiscent of some of the 12th-century India traders, but it awaits proper identification. This is a large section from the middle of the letter, missing both top and bottom. Mentions the letter (or epistle) of Rabbenu ha-Dayyan, sent with R. Shemuel al-Qazwīnī; something which the sender previously sent last year; the arrival of Abū Saʿd; and a shipment of 100 mithqāls of musk. The addressee is asked to sell part of it and distribute another part of it, apparently 20 mithqāls for the synagogue (כניסה דאר(?) דארי(?) דמוה(?)) (later mentions that it should be spent on renovations); and 2 mithqāls each to the four elders (al-mashāʾikh) Ibn al-ʿAkkāwī, [...], Ibn Alqāsh, and the judge Menashshe. ASE