Literary text: T-S NS 38.32

Literary text T-S NS 38.32


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Judaeo-Arabic composition in the hand of Nāṣir al-Adīb al-ʿIbrī. Narrates a scuffle, with the refrain "but they didn't leave me" (wa-lam yakhrujū min ʿindī). Then, as the conflict escalates, “If they carry on like this, I’ll go to the chief (al-Rayyis) and tell him all my woes, ‘Hey Rabbi Avraham, by God, look at my state!’”18 While the narrative might be fictional, petitioning the head of the community for redress is a detail from everyday experience. The Rayyis Avraham who fits Nāṣir’s timeline is likely the Nagid Avraham b. David b. Avraham b. Moshe Maimonides, the Head of the Jews in Egypt ca. 1300–13 CE. Also mentions people dying in the "scarcity" (ghalāʾ). ASE