Literary text: T-S NS 194.92 + T-S 8K4

Literary text T-S NS 194.92 + T-S 8K4



Two folios of this 12-folio manuscript of the Book of the Calendar Controversy, about the disagreement between Jewish leaders of Palestine and Babylonia on how to calculate the calendar year in 921/2. This led the Jews of the entire Near East to celebrate Passover and the other festivals, through two years, on different dates. The controversy was major, but it became forgotten until its late 19th-century rediscovery in the Cairo Genizah. The two folios found are T-S NS 194.92, the second, and T-S 8K4, the fifth. Stern supposes that the manuscript is twelve parts and that extant here are the second and fifth parts because of comparison to parallel manuscripts.

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