Legal document: T-S K25.66

Legal document T-S K25.66


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Deed of manumission of a slave. Only the bottom left corner of the document is preserved (or perhaps the entire left half of a very short document).The owner is named Mevasser b. Yefet. There are no details about the freedperson. Signed: Tamīm b. Shemuel ha-Kohen; Seʿadya b. Khalfān. According to the names of the witnesses, recognized from other documents, the deed dates to the late 10th century.

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Moshe Yagur, Unpublished transcription (n.p., 2023).
  1. ]רבנא מבשר בר יפת בעדן דשחרר
  2. וק]נינא מן ר' מבשר דנן בר יפת 
  3. ] בכל מה דכתיב ומפרש לעילא 
  4. ]ריים   תמים הכהן בר שמואל 
  5. סעדיה בר כלפאן