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List or table T-S K6.45



Fol. 1v: Booklist mentioning a Torah and a Targum, sheʾiltot of R. Aḥa, responsa and treatises by Hayya Gaʾon, a Bible commentary by Ibn Sarjado, talmudic tractates, works by Saʿadya Gaʾon and others. Note that the date 1024 CE is for the text on recto, not for this booklist. However, the booklist is unlikely to be much later, since the latest author mentioned is Shemuel b. Ḥofni (d. 1013). Fols. 1r and 2r: a discussion of the rules pertaining to בגדכפת and אויה, probably from a version of Hidāyat al-Qārī. The preserved text is on the rule אתי מרחיק and the vocalisation of the word בן. According to the colophon on P1 recto, the copying was finished on Sunday, 13 Sivan 1335 of the Seleucid Era (= 1024 CE). (Information from CUDL and Allony.)

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