List or table: T-S K6.126

List or table T-S K6.126


Recto: a mainly grammatical commentary on Ruth 3:15–4:8. In the following colophon, the text is referred to as Alfāẓ Megillat Rut and the scribe’s name is given as Aaron b. ʿEli ha-Kohen. Verso: the first paragraph of verso appears to be a Judaeo-Arabic book list, mentioning Numbers, a quire with the text of the weekly portion meṣoraʿ (Leviticus 14:1–15:33) and Saʿadya. The second paragraph is in Arabic script. The colophon is in large square characters. Recto and verso are in different hands. Verso is barely legible. (Information from GRU catalogue via FGP.)

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