State document: ENA 3695.6 + T-S Ar.38.120

State document ENA 3695.6 + T-S Ar.38.120



Fiscal accounting. Dated (on T-S Ar.38.120): 436 kharājī = 1044/45 CE plus or minus a couple years. There are three or four distinct documents present: (I) the end of a petition with blessings for the caliph or a high authority (wa-li-mawlānā ṣallā Allāhu ʿalayhi al-raʾy al-ʿālī) (II) account for the receipt of grain(?) in a government granary (مسطح؟) or sugar refinery (maṭbakh, lit. "kitchen") (III) two more blocks of fiscal accounting, at 90 degrees to each other. Needs examination. Reused on the other side for a Hebrew sermon or prayer about sinfulness and repentance. Also reused on the same side by a different Hebrew scribe for an unidentified text. Needs further examination. Indirect join: Oded Zinger.

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