State document: ENA 3691.6

State document ENA 3691.6



State document; Fatimid? Seems like a peace treaty/gifts (hudna/hadiyya?) addressed towards the city of Baghdad, possibly, - 'li-l-hudna/hadiyya ilā madīnat al-Salām'. Sums of money, min l-waraq (silver), aʿin (gold), dawāb (cattle), and khadam (slaves) are mentioned, which could be the reparations sent for ensuring a peace treaty or gifts to engender diplomatic relations. The persons mentioned are Abu Bakr and ʿĪsā, who is referred to as Ṣāḥib al-Ḍawāb (Man of cattle). The document is dated Wednesday 15th of a month unknown. Reused for a literary text-oriented at 180 degrees citing Talmudic rabbis and written in a combination of Hebrew and Arabic script (rather than Judaeo-Arabic) — common among Qaraites but more unusual among Rabbanites.

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