Letter: DK 123f

Letter DK 123f



Letter from Avraham b. Shelomo b. Yehuda perhaps to Efrayim b. Shemarya. In Hebrew. Complains about a Coptic kātib (הסופר הערל, lit. "the uncircumcised scribe") and how "the Ishmaelites and the Qedarites" are demanding a heavy burden of taxes. He asks for help for the sake of the synagogues. The response should be secret and the kātib must not find out. NB: This does not seem to be the correct shelfmark, as DK 123 on FGP does not correspond to this document. The good news is that there is a photograph of the fragment in Scheiber, Acta Orientalia (Hung.), 27 (1973), p. 328.