Literary text: ENA 1269.39

Literary text ENA 1269.39


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The last page of a Judaeo-Arabic transcription of Ṣāliḥ b. Naṣrullāh Ibn Sallūm al-Ḥalabī's Arabic translation of Paracelsian works ("The New Chemical Medicine Invented by Paracelsus" + Crollius' Basilica Chymica). This passage is where the theory behind the efficacy of the "weapon salve" is described (it works via the world soul / anima mundi / rūḥ al-ʿālam in the same way that a magnet works on iron, and it is not merely due to the power of suggestion / placebo). This precise passage is quoted and translated in Natalia Bachour's 2019 article "Die Rezeption der Waffensalbe und des sympathetischen Pulvers im Osmanischen Reich des 17. Jahrhunderts." The tapering format of the lines is extremely similar to the copy of the Arabic text in the Library of Congress: On verso there is also a medical recipe in Arabic script using galingale, emblic, elephant fig, Ceylon cinnamon, gum Arabic, and honey (it is not immediately clear if this is part of the same work, al-Kīmiyā' al-Malikiyya).

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