Letter: ENA 4045.12

Letter ENA 4045.12



Verso: Informal note in Arabic script. ما هوذا يستقر لي معك قول صحيح امضي للحمام اليوم حتى اجي بلعشى واعرفك ايش افعل فقد جتني المرة الذي معها المعجر وقالت انه جاب ثلثة دنانير فقلت لها استقضي والسلم. The whole note is mysterious, but it may be approximately as follows: "I cannot accept that what you said is true. Go to the bathhouse today until I come to you in the evening and inform you what I will do. The woman who had the miʿjar (wimple or veil) came and said that it sold (or: would sell) for 3 dinars, so I told her 'go demand it!' And peace." ASE

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