Letter: ENA 2808.26b

Letter ENA 2808.26b



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Writer and addressee are unknown. The letter is an appeal for private charity. The writer is under duress from difficult times (awqāt al-shadā'id). There is a sick person in his household who has had a nosebleed (ruʿāf) for the entire week (the word "sick person" could plausibly be emended to "maraḍ" from "marīḍ," meaning that the writer himself has a nosebleed, but the next line, "I was away," suggests that it was rather someone in his family). When the letter resumes on verso, the writer mentions Cairo; that he is emptyhanded and helpless; that the addressee should not blame him; and that he has [?] his face from shame. ASE.