List or table: ENA NS 7.90

List or table ENA NS 7.90



Recto (secondary use): List of men's names, probably contributors. Dating: probably ca. 1140s CE, as the original use on verso appears to be in the hand of Abū Zikrī Kohen, and Abū Naṣr al-Mūrid appears in the similar list BL OR 5549.5 (PGPID 34013) which Goitein dates to the 1140s, and his son appears in T-S 13J3.15 (PGPID 7968) dating to 1171. The names: Abū l-Faḍāʾil b. [...]; Yūsuf al-Qāʿa (appears also in BL OR 5549.5); Abū Naṣr b. Ṭarab (appears also in BL OR 5549.5); Abū ʿAlī Ibn al-Ḥazzan; Abū Naṣr al-Mūrid; Abū l-Faḍl al-Sukkarī; Yūsuf b. Ayyūb; Sālim al-Ṣabbāgh; Makārim b. [...]; Muslim; Abū ʿImrān al-Wakīl.

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