Letter: BL OR 10578H.25

Letter BL OR 10578H.25


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Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: ca. 1764 CE. Mentions numerous names: Yaḥyā b. Hādī, ʿAlī and his brother Ṣāliḥ, ʿAlī Ḥusayn, ʿAzīz b. Sinān, Yūsuf al-ʿAzīzī, Manṣūr b. Avraham, Mūsā al-Ḥajabī, and ʿAlī Ḥusayn al-Ashwal. It is cold in the village, and everyone is sick, and the writer requests a delivery of some kind. There is also a report on conditions in the 'upper village.'