Legal document: JRL Gaster ar. 817

Legal document JRL Gaster ar. 817


Palimpsest. This parchment contained an Arabic legal document, which was scraped. The part on recto refers to [...] b. Yaḥyā al-ʿAfṣī (the gallnut merchant) and Abū Saʿīd the Jew. On the verso, at ninety degrees to the original text, a later hand wrote a table of names in Arabic script and Greek/Coptic numerals, with one entry in Hebrew script possibly reading Natan b. Yona. (Information in part from JRL Catalogue.)

JRL Gaster ar. 817 1 / 1 leaf, recto

1 / 1 leaf, recto



JRL Gaster ar. 817 1 / 1 leaf, verso

1 / 1 leaf, verso
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