State document: JRL Gaster ar. 440

State document JRL Gaster ar. 440


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Presumably a draft of a letter of appointment for a scribe to the central chancery. ʿAbd al-Ghanī b. Muḥammad al-Kātib is appointed as a scribe in the dīwān al-inshā wa l-mukātabāt in Miṣr.

JRL Gaster ar. 440 1 / 1 leaf, recto

1 / 1 leaf, recto


Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).
  1. خــــــــــدمة
  2. عبد الغني بم محمد الكاتب بديواني
  3. الانشا والمكاتبات اسعدين //في// مصر //في// شهور سنة 
  4. اربع [[وثما]]وثمانين وخمس مائة


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