Letter: JRL Gaster ar. 78

Letter JRL Gaster ar. 78

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Letter or petition (هذا الاعراض) addressed to an Ottoman official. In Arabic script. Dating: Probably 18th or 19th century. Deals with a family matter concerning a poor Jew named Khiḍr ىالمىو (Palombo?). The poor cousin (ibn ʿamm) of Khiḍr may have been married to the mother of the writer. Because of the repeated reference to the man's poverty, it seems the basis for this petition is the inheritance of money or property. In the last line, the writer asks that the diwan and the consul (القنسل) make a decision in the matter. (Information mainly from JRL catalogue). Needs further examination.

JRL Gaster ar. 78 1 / 1 leaf, recto

1 / 1 leaf, recto



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