Letter: MS 8308, fol. 9

Letter MS 8308, fol. 9



Fragment from the bottom of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Quite faded. The addressee is a notable and has a son named Moshe (ושלום רבינו משה חמודה יוסיף) — so could be Mevorakh b. Saʿadya. The sender begs indulgence for the appearance of the letter, as he wrote it on a sickbed at night (נכתב לילה על ערש החולי תדין לכף זכות). Mentions a leader's pastoral care (אלמראעאה), how the Jews gathered and prayed for him in the synagogue (אגתמעו אליהוד ודעו לה פי אלכניס), and gratitude (shukr) for "al-haḍra al-shaykhiyya." Mentions "the witness (? al-shāhid) the cousin (ibn ʿamm) of this wicked man (al-rashaʿ)."