Letter: ENA 2808.41

Letter ENA 2808.41


Lower fragment: Letter in Judaeo-Arabic, probably in the handwriting of Ḥananʾel b. Shemuel (the father-in-law of Avraham Maimonides). However the sender of the letter is a woman ("all I desire is that you see me happy (f.)" / מא אשתהי אלא אן תרוני פרחאנה); she could have had Ḥananʾel write on her behalf. The letter is full of expressions of dependence on God's will. She explains also that she determined (by some kind of divination?) that a certain 'movement' (ḥaraka, ḥarakiyya) was favorable, and therefore she acted. She also mentions that 'al-Kohen' made her something beautiful (כרג כטך(?)) the likes of which can only be found in the market.