Letter: CUL Or.1080 J72

Letter CUL Or.1080 J72



Letter from Abū Manṣūr, perhaps in Alexandria, to his 'brother' Abū Saʿd, probably in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic with the address in Arabic script. Dating: Probably 12th or 13th century, based on the script and appearance. Dealing largely with business matters. The writer has sent 1 2/3 raṭls of flax/linen with this letter. Both he and the addressee are in the garment-making trade. The writer gives instructions for hemming an ʿarḍī garment with either silk or linen or both. The addressee's mother is mentioned. Vitriol (zāj) is another commodity they deal with; the addressee had promised to send some, but he never did. T-S 12.309 is another letter with the same writer and addressee. ASE