Legal document: T-S K27.2

Legal document T-S K27.2



Legal testimony. In Judaeo-Arabic. Location: Mazara, Sicily. Dated: Sunday, 10 Sivan 4898 AM, which is 1138 CE. Signed: Yosef Shemuel ha-Sofer and Moshe b. Yaʿbeṣ(?). Seʿadya b. Mevorakh Jazā'irī appeared before the court bearing a power of attorney from Berakha b. Yosef Ibn al-Sartī(?). The power of attorney may have guaranteed the goods (ʿilab?) of Ḥayyim b. Reuven for 40 rubāʿīs. Someone's daughter is mentioned. The document is long and very well-preserved, and there is a large bibliography on FGP.