Legal document: Moss. VIII,403

Legal document Moss. VIII,403



Legal query in the hand of Berakhot b. Shemuel addressed to the judge Shelomo ha-Talmid, aka Shelomo b. Natan ha-Levi. With his autograph response. Also signed by ʿAmram b. Ḥalfon ha-Levi, a second judge. The same two witnesses also signed T-S 16.200 (dated 1225 CE). In Judaeo-Arabic. This query is divided into three sub-queries. #1 concerns a marital dispute between 'Reuven' and his second wife. Reuven went to the Muslim courts and mortgaged his wife's half-dār, worth 6 dinars, against a loan of 8 dinars. For some reason, they were forced to purchase the other half of the dār. When he died, he willed the new half to his children from his first wife (also in the Muslim courts). Should the debt be repaid from the half-dār belonging to the wife or belonging to the children? The answer: Nothing may be repaid from the property of the widow. There are two additional sub-queries on verso. The same case is probably described in T-S 8J14.3 and several other fragments: see Friedman's article for complete discussion