Paraliterary text: JRL Gaster heb. ms 1760/3

Paraliterary text JRL Gaster heb. ms 1760/3


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Colophon to Kitāb Khalq al-Insān by Abū l-Ḥasan Saʿīd b. Hibatallāh (1045–1101). In Judaeo-Arabic. This copy was completed 7 Shevat 4883 AM, which is January 1123 CE. The next lines of the colophon name (the patron?) al-Rayyis Abū Manṣūr Ṣāliḥ Raʾs al-Mathība al-Hārūnī (=a Kohen) b. [Su]laymān Raʾs al-Mathība al-Hārūnī. The name, titles, nasab, and date can fit the gaʾon Maṣliaḥ b. Shelomo. Corroboration is found in T-S NS 327.132, an Arabic legal deed referring to Abū Manṣūr Ṣalaḥ b. Sulaym[ān] Raʾīs al-Yahūd. On the author of the original text: Saʿīd b. Hibatallāh was a "Nestorian Christian court physician to the ’Abbāsid caliphs al-Muqtadī (ruled 467-487 AH/1075-1094 CE) and al-Mustaẓhir (ruled 487-512 AH/1094-1118 CE) and physician at the ’Aḍudī hospital in Baghdad. This treatise on the generation and development of human beings from conception to death is in fifty chapters." (Bodleian catalog, description of MS. Pococke 66.)