Legal document: MS 8254, fol. 18

Legal document MS 8254, fol. 18



Legal document from the court of Avraham Maimonides. The members of the court are listed in a neat table: Ḥananel b. Shemuel, Yeḥiel b. Elyaqim, Yiftaḥ b. Yaʿaqov, Shelomo b. Eliyyahu, Yosef b. Shemuel, and Ḥalfon Kohen b. Elʿazar. See Goitein, Med Soc II, 546 no. 16, where this is the "unidentified ENA manuscript" mentioned. Information in part from Friedman, Maimonides Appoints R. Anatoly Muqaddam of Alexandria [Hebrew], p. 153 no. 71.