Letter: BL OR 5544.13

Letter BL OR 5544.13



Letter from Saʿīd Bardaʿ, possibly in Safed, to Daniel Cafsuto (דניאל קאפסוטו) and perhaps his son (? the word looks like ומשרתו) Shemuel Cafsuto. In Hebrew. Dating: Probably early 18th century; the writer is known from other documents such as T-S Misc.22.208.3 + T-S Misc.22.208.4 (PGPID 34132). The writer complains about the lack of letters. He seems to mention (line 6) a sum of money to be brought to the writer in Safed, and then a sum of 100 reals (line 8). He mentions several people including Natan b. Efrayim; Levi [...]; She'eltiel Canpaton (שאלתיאל קאנפטון). On verso there is the address and remnants of a red wax seal.