Literary text: Yevr.-Arab. II 1543

Literary text Yevr.-Arab. II 1543


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Popular literature. Muslim anti-Christian polemic, Ḥadīth Wāṣil al-Dimashqī. Written in Judaeo-Arabic. "This short tract claims to be the account of a debate on religion which took place among Wāṣil (a Muslim prisoner in Byzantium), Bashīr (a Muslim convert to Christianity), and Christian priests in Byzantium. See also Griffth and Miller, "Bashīr/Beser: Boon Companion of the Byzantine Emperor Leo III: The Islamic Recension of his Story in Leiden Oriental MS 951(1)," Le Museon 103 (1990), pp. 293–327. Information from Krisztina Szilagyi, "Christian Books in Jewish Libraries," Ginzei Qedem (2006), 107–62.