Literary text: T-S AS 204.12 + T-S NS 298.35 + T-S NS 37.110

Literary text T-S AS 204.12 + T-S NS 298.35 + T-S NS 37.110



Yiddish translation of the siddur, including ʿAl ha-Nissim and Asher Heni' for Purim. Dated on paleographic grounds to the 15th century, making it the oldest known Yiddish translation of the siddur (as of the 1980s, at least). T-S NS 298.35 was published by Shmeruk and Romer-Segal, "Fragments of a Yiddish Translation of the Prayerbook from the Fifteenth Century" Tarbiz (1980/81). T-S AS 204.12 was published by Hopkins, "New Fragments of a Prayerbook in Old Yiddish Translation," Tarbiz (1986). T-S NS 37.110 was identified by Alan Elbaum, 12/2020, with the help of FGP Joins Suggestions. See also T-S AS 210.107 (PGPID 38139), which has similar but probably not identical handwriting. ASE