List or table: JRL SERIES C 155

List or table JRL SERIES C 155


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List in Judeo-Arabic of monetary amounts and calculations related the communal "chest / ארגז" of the Mustʿarabīm in the end of Nisan 5590 which is April 1830CE. The monetary figures are expressed in two columns, one in "silver / פצה" and the other "גה" which must be an abbreviation but is unclear in meaning. Many individuals of the community are listed such as: Efrayim Hakīm, Shemuel Mizraḥi, Yaʿacov Yaʿabeṣ Saraf, Ḥayyim Ḥazaq, Yosef Manṣuri, and many others. On the verso another list appears that is recorded with a similar structure as the recto. MCD.