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List of sales "מוביע" and purchases "מושתרא" in Judeo-Arabic that is dated solely as 68/٦٨ or 67/٦٧. The paleography and details of each transaction do not make it clear whether this year is to be read as Hijri or in the Jewish calendar. Likewise the document may be 18th or 19th-century so the years under consideration are: 1168AH, 5468AM, 1268AH, and 5568CE. It may be possible to rule out either century with further analysis of the individual lifespans of those mentioned, such as: Nissim de Curiel, Eliyyahu 'Akubas, (on recto) and Ḥasan Ağa (l. 2) and Ḥuseyn Ağa (on verso). Date: 18th c or 19th c. MCD.

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