Legal document: Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.13

Legal document Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.13

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Legal record (#24). Alimony owed. Dated: "Monday" (=14 Sivan 1467 Seleucid). Bū l-Faraj Ibn al-Shofeṭ declares that he has mortgaged his quarter-house (which is owned in partnership with Bū l-Faḍl b. al-Fuqqāʿī and is located in the alley of the synagogue) in order to pay maintenance for his sister Riḍā for the next 7.5 years. He will give her 6.5 dirhams a month during this period ("astoundingly low alimonies" -Goitein). He also gives her the qīrāṭ remaining to him of the house of al-Bahūdī that his father had willed to him. There is an addendum stating that Umm Riḍā takes on the obligation for the remaining maintenance of (her daughter) Riḍā during this period. (Information from Goitein's notes.)