Legal document: ENA NS 73.18

Legal document ENA NS 73.18


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In PGP since 2020


Legal document(s) in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. In Judaeo-Arabic. Maybe a draft of a deed (or deeds) of sale. Recto describes a house, its features, and its location: al-qāʿa al-muʿallaqa... khazānatayn... al-ṣaṭḥ al-ʿālī... mā bayna salālim hādhihi l-qāʿa... al-khashab al-kharṭ al-dāʾir... al-ḥāra al-maʿrūfa.... Verso refers to 'the boundaries mentioned in this document.' A house (perhaps one of the boundaries) was previously known by the name of Abū l-Surūr, subsequently by the name of Abū l-Faḍl Sahl, and probably ultimately by the name of [...] Ismāʿīl al-Isrā'īlī.