Legal document: T-S 8Ja1.1

Legal document T-S 8Ja1.1



Partnership (sharika) agreement. In Arabic script. Dated: 24 Shawwāl 450 AH, which is 14 December 1058 CE. The three partners are Wuḥaysh b. Saʿīd b. Ibrāhīm the Jew; Barakāt b. Ismāʿīl; and Futūḥ b. Nassāj b. Rajā. The partnership is for the trade of horse-cloth in the shop known as 'horse bit' in the compound (rabʿ) of Sulaymān b. Kisā. The capital is 173 dinars. Wuḥaysh is assigned 23, and the remaining money is divided equally between Barakāt and Futūḥ. Wuḥaysh attests that he has received all the money due to him. See Khan's edition for the term "compound" (rabʿ) and the other potential meanings if it is to be read rubʿ instead. (Information from Khan.)