Literary text: T-S Misc.18.73

Literary text T-S Misc.18.73


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The frontispiece and the first daf of the Sabbioneta Kiddushin (printed Elul 5313 = 1543 CE), under the rule of Vespesiano Gonzaga and in the Hebrew press by then owned by Tobias b. Eliezer Foa. Apart from intrinsic interest, there are several annotations on the frontispiece. At the top is a signature. Below is a short book list, naming twice a work by the מהרימ"ט = Joseph Trani (ca. 1569–1639), the book עדות ביהוסף, and תשובות הרא״ם = the responsa of Eliyyahu Mizrahi (ca. 1455–1526). Below the lovely illuminated capitals is an ownership note: הצעיר יצחק סורבונה (?). At the bottom adjacent to the printing information appears to be the name Thomas spelled according to its French pronunciation and given a typically Jewish honorific: כה״ר טומה. On verso, there is rudimentary alphabetical practice and a line in cursive Hebrew script, perhaps Ladino (לאש . . . אינטרא. . . .).