Letter: Bodl. MS heb. c 64/2

Letter Bodl. MS heb. c 64/2


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Letter in Hebrew dated 1688/89 CE (תגילו = 449), from the Jewish community of Izmir to the Jewish community of Pisa, following the economic distress in the aftermath of the 1688 Izmir earthquake. It seems that the community of Pisa had been accustomed to sending charity to communities of the Ottoman Empire (ארצות קוסטאנטינה) but this practice had lapsed. Now, the government is demanding a payment if 15,000 of a certain currency (line 7). They already sent their shaliaḥ Yosef ha-Levi, and this letter is intended to encourage them to be generous with him. Note that the Italian on the final page was probably added in 1917, as with the other documents in this folder. Probably non-Geniza.