List or table: AIU VI.B.174

List or table AIU VI.B.174


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In PGP since 2020


Recto: Accounts in Ladino in muayyadis, naming Shelomo, Hakham Moshe, Yizhaq M[...?], Shemuel Ḥarran, Reuven, and amounts owed to and received from different parties. On the facing page there are mysterious symbols—triangles, circles, lines, and dots, along with the name "ha-Za'ir Moshe" and a note in Judaeo-Arabic. Verso: Continuation of the accounts, mentioning Yizhaq the uncle (tio) of Shelomo. And what appears to be the address of a letter, in Hebrew, from Rashid to Fustat for a certain Shalom Refu'a (?!). Perhaps this was the envelope, came apart from the letter, and was then reused for accounts.