Letter: AIU VI.B.100

Letter AIU VI.B.100


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In PGP since 2020


A 16-page Ottoman-era notebook with diverse contents. Pages 1–2: Judaeo-Arabic translation of Daniel 1:4–10. "Chief of the eunuchs" is translated as "Sārī l-Aghawāt." There follow writing exercises and the date, 23 Jumāda II. Pages 3–4: Writing exercises. Page 5: Draft or copy of a Judaeo-Arabic letter, mentioning a certain Khawāja Mesīḥa (?) Bāsh[a?], the secretary in Dīwān al-Isti'nāf. Page 6: Writing exercises. Page 7: Judaeo-Arabic formulary for a legal document dated Thursday 3 Rajab. Page 8: Writing exercises and the date 7 Rajab. Page 9: Draft or copy of a legal document involving the shaykh Mūlṭafa (=Muṣṭafa?) al-Damanhūrī, dated Tuesday 27 Muharram. Page 10: Writing exercises and the date 8 Rajab. Page 11: Writing exercises and the date 11 Rajab. Page 12: Biblical or apocryphal-sounding text in Judaeo-Arabic, but identification is elusive ("The eighth word. . . O Children of Israel, do not steal. . . Son of man. . . Your mother's womb. . ."). Page 13: Judaeo-Arabic translation of Isaiah 60:1–3. Page 14: Writing exercises dated "Raḥamim" (Av). Page 15: Writing exercises dated 12 Rajab. Page 16: Writing exercises (Hebrew alphabet).