Literary text: AIU VI.B.3

Literary text AIU VI.B.3



44 pages, some of which are instructions for kabbalistic kavanot, some of which are a Sabbatean tract (see especially pp.15–16, 19–22, and 25–27 = 8r–8v, 10r–11v, and 13r–14r), with an exegesis of the vision of a certain R. Avraham who lived in the days of Yehuda ha-Hasid. The vision starts with Samael, the dragon of the Nile (p.21). The vision continues with a "prediction" of the birth of Shabbetay Zevi, the true Messiah (p.19). The name Natan ha-Navi appears at the top of p.15 (presumably Nathan of Gaza—is this an atribution of the tract to him?). There are also numerous pages filled with permutations of the word Bereshit.