Letter: AIU XII.117

Letter AIU XII.117



Recto: Letter/petition, or letter in the style of a brief petition, from "your student Bū l-Majd" to a high-ranking physician. In Arabic script. Dating: Probably ca. 13th century, based on format, typical name, and handwriting. The writer asks the addressee in formal terms to come visit him, because he has developed a pain in his leg. The door of the building is open. Verso: A few words in calligraphic Judaeo-Arabic, mostly "tajriba" repeated several times. ASE.

AIU XII.117 recto



Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2022).
  1. الحكيمي

  2. بو المجد تلميذه

  3. المملوك يجدد الخدمة الكريمة المولوية المالكية

  4. الحكيمية ويسأل اجابة حضوره فان

  5. المملوك حصل له الم في رجله وباب العمارة

  6. مفتوح ان اختار مولانا الحضور منه فالامر اليه


الحمد لله وحده انشالله