State document: AIU XII.105

State document AIU XII.105


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Recto: Six lines from a formal Arabic petition, probably late Fatimid. The second line reveals the name of an official: "āṭīn khāliṣat amīr al-muʾminīn Asad al-Dīn." The amir Asad al-Dīn was one of the higher-ranking officials during the time of al-ʿĀḍid and was the subordinate of his vizier Shāwar (Ibn Taghrī Birdī, vol.5, pg. 352 and al-Maqrīzī, Ittiʿāẓ, vol. 3, pg. 304). He ruled Egypt after him for approximately six months (al-ʿAbbāsī al-Ṣafdī, pg. 127). This document could be dated around 562/1166 during the period of al-ʿĀḍid. YU/ASE. Verso: The upper part of an Arabic letter from a certain [Daniel?] b. Bū l-Majd possibly to his sister (in the upper left corner: "ʿabduhā akhūhā"). The text continues on the margin in oblique lines, one readable phrase is "tawakkal ʿalā l-Allah". Needs further examination.

AIU XII.105 recto



Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2022).


  1. له اجمعين (؟) شهد (؟) الدين (؟)……فخر…

  2. والسلاطين خالصة امير المؤمنين اسد الدين ثبت الله

  3. مجده وضاعف سعده واهلك شانئه وضده وقرن

  4. بالتوفيق حله وعقده وينهي ان المولا

  5. …..المموك……..المملوك

  6. ……………………اجل (؟)