Legal document: AIU XII.44

Legal document AIU XII.44



Recto: Legal document in Arabic script. Dating: no earlier than 1425 CE, based on the reference to the Ashrafī dinar. Acknowledgement of debt in the name of Muḥammad b. Qāsim b. ʿAlī known as al-Ḥamawi, the mudawlib (perhaps the technical assistant, or the one who maintains the balance and other equipment) "in the ṣarf (the money-changing house; the mint would probably be al-ḍarb) and elsewhere," and the Jewish man Khiḍr b. [...] al-Yahūdī al-Rabbānī known as Ibn ʿAbduh. Verso (and margin of recto): Drafts for piyyutim in Hebrew. (ASE and MR)