List or table: AIU IX.A.46

List or table AIU IX.A.46



Writing exercises of Atbash Hebrew alphabetical order and the phrase "מנצפ׳׳ך צופים אמרום" that display the surname Mosseri in the heading. Based on the format of writing exercises from the 18th or 19th centuries, especially BL: OR 10123.6-7 where one Yiṣḥaq Franses practices epistolary formulae, the surname Mosseri is likely that of the student. For another example of this format see JRL Series B 3647 where the surname ʿAfif appears in the heading. On the verso a partial date is listed with only the day of the week "יום ב" and "קרח" indicating the week of the Koraḥ parsha reading. Date: 18th c or 19th c. MCD.